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Friday, May 26, 2006

Save the South Central Farm!

From TreeHugger:

"For the South Central Farm in Los Angeles, considered the largest urban community garden in the country, time may be running out (see our previous post). After a tangle of extensions and stays, the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Dept. has a warrant to evict and evacuate on behalf of the land’s legal owner, a developer with plans to use the land for warehouses. Advocates for the fourteen-acre organic farm are bracing themselves for civil disobedience in response to the eviction that they now fear could take place at any time. Farmers, local community members, and advocates of the farm have been amassing nightly to populate the farm and its urban perimeter. An encampment of tents has also sprung up."

Famous musicians and activists are also participating: Joan Baez, Ben Harper, Julia "Butterfly" Hill, Daryl Hannah, among others.

Here: contact Ralph Horowitz, the developer who is evicting the families on the farm, and ask him to allow reasonable time for the families who live and depend on this farm to raise enough money to keep the farm. His number is (310) 440-7878. Here is a link to the website of the farmers with more numbers and email address.

Warehouses? Ugly buildings in the place of rolling farms? Goddamn. And the farm is ORGANIC. Please, just make one call or email just one council member or the mayor.


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